Who We Are and Our Mission

PHASE Scientific is a high-growth biotechnology company founded by bioengineers from a prestigious research university in Los Angeles, California.

Our mission is to support patients and healthcare providers by creating innovative diagnostic and data tools that enable and empower people to better understand their own health.

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Find Peace of Mind with INDICAID®

PHASE Scientific believes everyone deserves access to the best knowledge about their health and that higher quality information in the hands of more people leads to better decision-making.

INDICAID® is developed to bring this vision to life by helping people understand your health quickly and accurately, allowing you to focus on things in life that matter.

Ongoing Research and Development Towards Innovation

PHASE Scientific has developed a global breakthrough sample preparation technology, offering a cost-effective way to quickly target substances within the test samples and improving the effectiveness of scientific research, clinical testing, and diagnosis.

To date, we have acquired over 50 patents and published more than 20 academic papers in international scientific journals.

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