3 Things to Do After a 3-Day Weekend

3 Things to Do After a 3-Day Weekend

After a fun-filled three-day weekend, it’s important to rejuvenate yourself before you start the new week. Whether you’re preparing to get back to work or heading back to school - We have provided a list of three ways to get you ready for the week ahead after an exciting and busy weekend.  

1. Unpack and/or Unwind

If you are coming back from a weekend away, start by unpacking immediately. Throw what is dirty in the laundry and put away those items you may have packed and didn’t wear. Once you get back to school or work, the last thing you’re going to want to do when you get home is unpack that looming suitcase in the corner of your room. Start off the right way by getting that suitcase cleaned out and put away! 

If you stayed in town for the long weekend, take time to unwind. Maybe you spent the weekend surrounded by family and/or friends. Give yourself a “breather” whether it’s going for a run, doing meditation, or just lounging on the couch watching your favorite show – allow yourself to unwind – you deserve it!  

2. Engage in Self-Care 

No matter what you did on the long weekend – whether staying in or going out, it’s time to execute self-care and get your mind and body right before the start of the week.

A few great ways to provide yourself with the self-care you deserve depends on your favorite things. Here is a short list of great ways to initiate self-care.  

  • Relax with a bubble bath
  • Meditate or workout at the gym
  • Partake in some retail therapy
  • Or traditional therapy
  • Get a massage
  • Put on your favorite sweatpants and watch your favorite movie or show 
  • Catch up with friends

There are many ways to exercise self-care. With kids back in school, fall sports and activities coming back, don’t forget yourself!

3. Prepare for the Week Ahead

The week ahead can be looming for some – especially after a fun-filled and long weekend. “Sunday Scaries” are real feelings – so why don’t you try to avoid the stress that can bring (even on a Monday after a holiday) by preparing for the upcoming week! 

Try utilizing some of these options to get your mind ready: 

  • Make a list of upcoming projects 
  • Big or small projects – having a list will help you prepare and get your workweek started right 
  • Work on laundry 
  • Get ahead of the laundry – nothing like going to bed with fresh sheets to start the week – or having your favorite blouse ready for an important meeting.
  • Go through your calendar for the week ahead
  • Sporting practice for the kids? Birthday event at school or work? Doctors' appointment? Refresh yourself on what lies ahead for the week so you can know when to pack lunch, make cupcakes, or prepare for a carpool!
  • Utilize INDICAID® COVID-19 Rapid Antigen test to ensure you’re covid negative before getting back to work or school 
  • Testing is a great way to get rid of that extra stress before starting the week – especially if you were around large (or small) groups of people over the weekend. Testing helps you ensure you’re keeping yourself and all those around you safe and healthy. 

The more you prepare yourself for the week ahead, the less stress you should experience.

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