Aug 8 2022

Back-to-School: 3 Ways to Prepare Amidst a COVID-19 Surge

Back-to-School: 3 Ways to Prepare Amidst a COVID-19 Surge

COVID-19 is still prevalent, with the Omicron BA.5 variant making up over 80% of cases in the US currently and labeled as “the most transmittable variant yet”. One thing is clear, COVID-19 is here for another school year. What are you and your family doing to prepare so you and your children can still get the most out of school all while staying healthy?

We have shared 3 straightforward ways to stay ahead of the virus to keep you and your family safe and knowledgeable on your COVID-19 status:

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1. Stock up on over-the-counter COVID-19 Tests

While you are busy gathering all the necessary back to school items, do not forget a new necessity: COVID-19 Rapid Antigen at-home tests!

Having tests readily available is a terrific way to stay ahead of the game. You never know when someone in the same class will test positive, or if you or your child are experiencing symptoms.

Having the tests quickly available, to be utilized as soon as you need them is essential to staying ahead of the virus and limiting exposure to others around you.

It has been noted in studies that not only do cases surge and spread quickly when school is back in session, but also amongst communities that are in a highly populated college-campus area.

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2. Test regularly 

Testing regularly is utilized to ensure you and your family's safety and health. Also known as “serial testing,” it is a way to stay ahead of the virus – even if you are not experiencing symptoms

Serial testing is the process of testing within a few days of each other after travel, being exposed to a Covid positive individual, or if you are experiencing symptoms. While serial testing may not be ideal, it is highly recommended to those individuals that are high-risk or are in close contact and/or live with someone who is high-risk.

Serial testing should be performed in individuals with negative results at least twice over three days (with 48 hours between tests) for symptomatic individuals and three times over five days (with at least 48 hours between tests) for asymptomatic individuals. You may need to purchase additional tests to perform this serial (repeat) testing. 

Over the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that many individuals can be a-symptomatic, while still being able to spread and transmit the virus onto others.

3. Consider masks & other preventative measures

While masking in schools is still up for debate – and mask mandates are different in all US regions and schools, the CDC still recommends masking if you are in a highly–infected area, especially if you or your child is a high-risk individual. Additionally, if you or your child uses public transportation or rides the bus to get to school, it is recommended by the CDC that you wear a mask during your travels to avoid contact with others.

Since wearing a mask in schools is not mandatory in most places, another way to stay protected is to have hand sanitizer readily available for you or your child while in school. Hand washing is always best, but we understand that hand sanitizer is a quick and easy alternative.

Hand sanitizer and handwashing is recommended throughout the day but here are some specific times that it is important to remember:

  • After getting off the bus (or public transportation)
  • After recess and/or gym class
  • Before and after lunch/meals
  • Immediately after getting home

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In light of the infection spread, it is high time that everyone took preventive measures by using rapid tests regularly. Our INDICAID COVID-19 Rapid Antigen At-Home Test is easy to use and provides easy to read results in 20 minutes, it brings you and your family members’ peace of mind for your self-test needs.